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  1. First of all, it is absolutely feasible for you to get into a top institution (master's) in the United States. I graduated with a bachelor degree in a subfield of computer science in 2012 and forwarded to a reputed graduate school. I am very sure I knew less than you now about what is political science when I was 21, but I had interests and faith. So be confident. Second, it would really make a big difference if you manage to get a master's in a reputed policy school or political science program. To name a few, GTown, JHU, UChicago, UCSD, Duke, NYU. It would also help you discover your real
  2. Exodus of senior faculties. Esp. Thad Dunning to Berkeley.
  3. CPS and WP are nuclear weapons as long as it is a good fit, I should say.
  4. Those Harvard bastards. I would go to Boston to kick their ass right after the Campus Visit Day with my Yale T-shirt! (just kidding. had an appointment with one of GK's student.)
  5. Yes that is me! Thanks! Wish everyone good luck!
  6. I actually do IPE and Methodology. BTW i wrote a letter to my POI earlier this week, and she replied today with the good news and said the final decisions have just been made.
  7. Just receive informal email from Professor Hyde. Yale accepted.
  8. heart beating again. wish i dont miss this one.
  9. congrats to Columbia admits! never lose hope...
  10. NYU scared me to sh*t this morning. The wording at the start of their email to check wait-list people's status is really like a rejection off the list. I told them NYU is still my top choice due to family reasons. Hope they show some sympathy and let me in.
  11. I do hope that I can take the reverse trip from San Diego to New Haven. But what you said is really amazing.
  12. Rejections from NYU coming up...is it from someone who was wait-listed?
  13. Can Wednesday still be counted as early this week, given the national holiday and storm?
  14. So anxious about Columbia and Yale. Hit me with an offer pls!
  15. Yes. I did it for a friend since I have a better offer (i.e. UCSD).
  16. how about Yale? traditionally they issue one round of offer right after President's Day
  17. My hesitation is really not that relevant to academic pursuit. I hesitate given the fact that NYU is in driving distance from New Haven. LOL
  18. I would be really hesitating between NYU and UCSD, if NYU accept me off the list.
  19. they did not put you on the official waiting list?
  20. I have a hunch that Yale would issue result next week.
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