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Abysmal and Good


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Re: GRE's: my Verbal and Writing scores put me in the 91/93 percentiles respectively. My quantitative scores put me in the 18th percentile!! Yikes.


Do folks think I should take the whole thing again, or just the quantitative part, or just hope that philosophy programs don't care too much about math? 


Thanks for your thoughts!

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These were from 3 years ago, so they were 520 Q, and 650 V, with an writing score of 5.0. I guess I'm just being lazy, huh? Do you folks, or many folks, take courses to study for this, like Kaplan or Princeton review? 

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Hi @quicksilver; I'm currently finishing up an 8-week Kaplan prep course.  Their online resources, like the full-length practice tests, are very helpful! The classes though are fast-paced. Unfortunately my prelim numbers are wretched!!!!!!!!!!! Not representative of my capabilities! Which only makes me have a perpetual eye twitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, went on a tangent- the courses are very expensive, but since it's been a long time since high school, the courses and practice material are definitely helpful.

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