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To study or not to study when tired? That is my question.


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Hey everyone, I have a question that I feel we can all relate to, and Im looking for a consensus on a debatable dilemma. Therefore the more answers, the better =)


At the end of the day, if you are tired (from work, school etc), should you study for the GRE? I would like to broaden this by defining studying as anything pertaining to the GRE (flashcards, Magoosh [which I was just doing .. but cannot seem to focus cause Im mentally exhausted], GRE textbooks, etc).


Im following a daily lesson plan, provided by Magoosh, however this week I had finals for Summer Session, plus two essays. With all this, and work, the last two days Ive basically finished my errands, watched an episode of a tv show, and then bed. I do confess. I feel rather guilty since, provided I have an hr or so of free time (not related to work, or school) to study for the GRE, and instead I watch tv. I just feel so mentally drained at the end of the day. 


Good news though! Summer session will be over soon, and my fall schedule wont be as hectic. Im just curious what other people do. Do you FORCE yourself to study X amount of hrs, or follow your GRE study schedule, even if youre tired?

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Everyone is different, and well as has different time considerations (pet, family, child, husband etc), but it is healthy to take time for yourself. You can't run on empty, so to speak. It is not good to study when you are really tired, because it is less likely you will retain the information, than if you were alert.

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I don't have a specific lesson plan, and the way I study depends on my capability... for example, if I don't have much work to do I will spend the entire day on my weakest spot (i.e. probability, rates in quant and reading comprehension in verbal). If I have classes or work I usually do lighter stuff like memorizing vocabulary words, maybe a few text completion questions here and there, or the least thing I could do is to flip through Quizlet flashcards on my phone. BUT if I am tired - no books, no prepping. Nothing. Just some good amount of sleep. I will take some time off from studying, get a good rest, and won't get back to my books until I feel better.


Like csibaldwin mentioned above, everyone is different. Magoosh lesson plan might suit you, but I don't think it's the best option for me.


Above all else just make sure you don't push yourself too hard because your health on the test day > everything else.

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A related problem, and potential solution:


I work at a museum. Often, I bring home related reading and research. Generally, it is my intention to put some effort in my work in the evening after I get home. However, I know deep down that I am not as full of energy (if I were to attempt same work during the day).


Possible answer -- While I am not a morning person by any means, I have tried out waking up an hour before I need to, and starting work. 


I find this tactic useful only when I get a full night's rest. If I am too tempted to hit snooze in the morning, then it is *not* the best time for work.



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I see it like exercise - "for XX mins each day at ZZ time, i will do this."


And like with exercise, even doing it when you dont want to will help over time.

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