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Analytical Writing strategy - go through the pool of topics?


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Is it worth it to go through the pool of topics and brainstorm some key points for each prompt (there are like 240 of them uhhhh)? I thought by having a rough idea on which side you're on and some examples in mind, it would save me a few minutes on the test day. English is my third language and I'm not really good at writing within a time constraint so I wonder if this is a good strategy or is it just a waste of time?

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Personally, I think it's way too time consuming to go through each one because there are so many. It seems like a lot of memorizing and that would make me nervous trying to remember it all. That is just me - if you're the highly methodical type it could work for you. 


Maybe you can think of a topic you're well-versed in that could apply to many different responses. That would seem to save time, as compared to going through each prompt and thinking of points for each one.


I've been using the prompts you mentioned as samples for practice. I think it's best way is to become familiar with how the topics are framed and to understand how you specifically would respond to them. I then save my essays on a word document and look at them later to understand where I could improve. 

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yeah i like that idea. Most of the topics are related and thus you find out that some points you use on one essay can help you create supporting points on other essays. for example you issue prompts that centres on universities and colleges, government etc. so do trouble yourself doing all the prompts ( i think), pick specific ones.  


welll for me i have the problem of creating points to support my positions.........very takes me hours....any advice?

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You should create an example bank that you can draw on to support your position on various prompts. Think about examples from personal experience, politics, history, art/literature/etc. that you could could use in discussing prompts on various themes. In particular, try to find examples that you can apply to multiple themes and for those examples perhaps do a little research and write out a practice paragraph.


In my 4-week 12 hour course focusing specifically on the GRE Analytical Writing section, I discuss various strategies that help optimize prep time -- from developing an example bank to creating essay templates and more. On the Argument Essay, learning the primary logical fallacies  and recognizing the patterns of logical errors makes it very easy to develop points and reduces the need to work through as many sample prompts.


If you're interested in learning more about the upcoming GRE Analytical Writing course starting September 19, check out the link below.


Good luck,

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No, it's not worth it.  The best strategy for the analytical writing is to come up with a basic structure/format for the essay, not to brainstorm examples or sides.

If you practice, coming up with 2-3 examples in the 5 minutes you have for pre-writing will come more quickly and easily to you.  I do think the idea of a mental "example bank" of examples that apply to a wide range of prompts is a good idea.

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