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That time when...


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That time when...


You get an email from admissions and get excited

And then realize you did not apply at this school

And you feel disheartened

And that they are likely sending this to all GRE takers above a certain percentile

And that they are inviting you to apply for their program

But that there is no application fee

But the application deadline passed a week ago

And you feel disheartened

But decide to send them an email to see if they will accept a late application anyway


Post your own "That time when..." or let me know if this has happened to anyone else. Cheers.

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You get admission from a top program (that's roughly 2 years ahead of you)

And they give you full finiancial aid (best in the country)

And they give you early admission.


Then you realize this school is not fit for you...

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That time when...


You get an email from USC about their MSW program

And you look into the program further, because hey, MSW isn't SO bad

And the admissions counselor calls you

You have very enthusiasitc conversations

You even finish each other's sentences

She encourages you to apply

and then... you look into tuition

And it's 88,000 dollars for an online program.


So you ignore the rest of her calls. :unsure:

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You get your first response from one of the schools you applied to

And it's earlier than you anticipated

and you're really excited because early usually means acceptance

and the letter says they aren't accepting ANY students


but at least they're sending your fee back...

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