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  1. The programme I am applying to is Digital Media. I am done with the letter but not sure about the structure. It starts with an anecdote which I think is slighltly negative. It's a bit urgent and I need it reviewed asap. I'd be grateful if someone volunteers to help. Can't upload here as the programme coordinator told me they check the letters for plagiarism. I will inbox. Thanks in advance!
  2. Dropped my iphone somewhere :'(

  3. Happens. I work as a sub-editor and making a spelling/ grammatical mistake is considered a sin in my profession. Nevertheless, I had a grammatical error in my SoP wherein I wrote has instead of have. I used the same one for two schools and got accepted by both. So don't worry and have faith in your abilities.
  4. There are plenty of them but here are a few: Air: White space used in a story design Armpit: An awkward-looking page layout where a story's banner headline sits on top of a photo or another headline Bastard measure: Any non-standard width for a column of text Bleed: A page element that extends to the trimmed edge of a printed page Doglegs: L-shaped columns of text that wrap around art, ads or other stories Ear: Text or graphic elements on either side of a newspaper's flag Gutter: narrow margin of white space in the center area in a magazine, newspaper, or book, where two pages meet Hammer he
  5. If you aren’t familiar, Coursera is one of the leading providers of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), along with Udacity and edX. MOOCs are a way for Universities to put their entire curriculum for a given course — lectures, problem sets, texts and more — online for anyone to learn, using video and web-based testing. Many have called MOOCs a revolution in education, and with millions of students enrolling — many from India, Brazil and other low-income nations — it is clear that they are here to stay. There are three big challenges for MOOC providers. First, the most obvious, how do they mak
  6. Well, I applied to a Journalism programme in UK this year, got accepted but without funding.This was my very first attempt at applying to a grad school abroad and although it was a morale booster to get accepted (considering that two of my friends with relevant backgrounds got rejected), I cannot pursue my master's without funding. I want to reapply next year and I am considering applying to North American schools, too. However, I want to apply to schools that accept you without GRE (I am way too poor in Math, tried preparing but repeatedly failed without improvement). I read on a blog
  7. I dread GRE math. I have always been bad in math and I wish it was not mandatory. If it was not for math, I think I would have performed pretty well in other parts of the test. Though there are schools which do not require a GRE score, I have very limited choices solely because of being bad with numbers. I don't understand how that makes me a less capable journalism student than someone who has taken GRE and scored well in Math.
  8. Hello Yashica. Congratulations. Wanted to ask if the school you got accepted to required GRE?
  9. I am a working journalist from Karachi, Pakistan and though planned to start graduate school this year, couldn't get a scholarship. Will be applying next season!
  10. Passionate hook and motivation Background Research interests Why applying to a particular programme Why applying to a particular university How the programme shapes your future plan Read it somewhere, and though I followed the pattern, I couldn't make my SoP as intriguing and engaging as it should have been!
  11. Congratulations. This sounds wonderful! Way to go!
  12. Accepted to both the programmes I applied to WITHOUT funding! :'(

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    2. Inka dreams

      Inka dreams

      I second AdilB990. You did good to get an acceptance!

    3. microarray


      are programs in your field typically funded?

    4. Sarah Bee

      Sarah Bee

      @microarray, The ones I applied to were fully-funded.

  13. Finally received an acceptance letter from one of the two programmes I applied to, but without a scolarship :(

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    2. starofdawn


      Don't lose hope!

    3. Sarah Bee

      Sarah Bee

      Thanks people! I am trying to get some funding. But It's a good ego boost because out of 700, 10 were given scholarships and 40 made it to the reserve list. I pat myself for making it there, at least! :)

    4. Munashi


      Well done! Certainly something to be proud of.

  14. I just applied to two and regretting it like anything. I plan to apply to 6 in the next season.
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