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Hey everyone,


I've applied to several MSW programs, waiting to hear back from my top choices. Experienced grad students: what do you think is the most important factor when admission teams are making decisions? I have a 3.3 GPA from Emory, two years of full time AmeriCorps service, and lots of other relevant volunteer experience from my time in college.


Fellow applicants, how quickly did you hear back from your schools? I'm getting so anxious just waiting around for a decision!


Any and all input would be helpful, thank you so much!

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Hey I just got accepted to 3 out of 4 schools so far. I put in all of my applications in Nov. I submitted 2 on November 9, one on the 22 and the other on the 24 or 25? Anyways I heard back from one in mid December (they guarantee admission to anyone with a 3.3 and above as long as you applied before Dec 31) i heard from another about 2 weeks ago and one yesterday. Basically all the places I applied were rolling admission, except one program and I am waiting to hear from them in the next few weeks. I think you should be fine you have a lot of experience and that looks good. I had a 3.4, some volunteer experience but not a ton and I think my SOP was pretty good:) you'll be fine good luck!

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