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Hunter writing sample - where to upload?


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Hello all and hope the apps are treating you well! Has anyone applied to Hunter and been as confused as I am about the apparent lack of space in the application portal to upload a writing sample? There just doesn't seem to be a place for it. Upon visiting the department website I've just seen that a writing sample isn't listed as a required part of the application. Can that possibly be the case? I've checked the grad admissions FAQ as well to no avail.


Anyone know anything about this? There are places for me to upload other documents, like a resume; I wonder if I should just sneak it in there?  :unsure:


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You've probably already realized this, but a writing sample is not part of the application for Hunter.  I'm in the program, and I wasn't asked to submit one.  It's a great program!  Good luck!

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Hey Mirop, thanks! I did figure this out eventually. I was concerned because I visited in December and met with the DGS, who told me it "used to be optional" but was no longer....which made me think it was now required. The department secretary cleared this up. Hopefully this thread helps someone else next year!


Glad you like the program! It's actually my top choice so I'm excited to hear back!

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