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Admissions Decision After Interview?


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Does anyone have any insight into how long it took their program to make a decision about admissions after an interview? From everything I've read here on the forum, the interview means different things for different programs, but I'm also assuming being asked to interview is a good sign. 


Anyways, I interviewed at UGA on February 19, so this Wednesday will make two weeks. Would it be appropriate to email the graduate coordinator later in the week to ask about their decision timeline? I am currently holding an offer from another school and want to make an informed decision. 


As always, I welcome your opinions! 

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I interviewed at UGA and they told us that we would here in about 2-3 weeks from the interview visit.  If they didn't give you a timeline I think it is fair to ask if they had a timeline, doesn't mean they will give you an answer but it doesn't hurt.  it is up to you though.  If you can wait on the other school (i.e. you have until April 15th) I would just wait a bit more for your decision from UGA.  Best of luck.

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TS, what's your program? I've also applied to UGA but haven't heard from them anything yet...


About the topic. I have been waiting for a month already since my interview in UCF. Still no news. So I guess even month is not a limit for after interview waiting...

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At the end of my interview with Rice University I asked them, "So, am I in? I mean I'm happy to wait for you guys but I would love to know what to tell my wife because she's going to call me ASA I step out of here."


Them: "Yes, you looked great on paper and look even better on person. You can tell your wife that Rice is excited to have you join."


Me: "Great! So when could I expect the acceptance letter by so I can plan for housing etc."

Them: "2-3 weeks."



Conclusion: It doesn't hurt to ask. Also, it is the right thing to do. Worrying about these things...that's never the right thing to do :)

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