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  1. I have been working at school for 2 years and in the Fall I am starting my PhD. However, I do not want to lose all of the connections with school and children and I am thinkinfg about volunteering at school. Does anybody have such experience? Is it possible to study and volunteer at the same time? P.S. I am also an international student (F-1 Visa). Is it allowed for internationals to volunteer at public US schools?
  2. I am still waiting for my I-20... My advice is to contact the international office.
  3. Can you please share your feelings about GMU? Do you enjoy studying here? Do you like the campus? Any information about the University and the town will be helpful. I mean personal experience. Thanks!
  4. Anybody else attending GMU this Fall? I'll start my PhD in Math Education here Also looking for the roommates
  5. AmandaLemon

    Fairfax, VA

    Hi, hj2012! Are you from the area? Maybe you can also give me some advice about housing too? I am moving to Fairfax this summer to start my PhD at GMU. I am an international student without a car but with a cat. I am looking for a room in a cat friendly house or apartment not far from the university. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  6. Ph.D. in Math Education GPA: 3.8 (previous degrees are not in education) GRE: V142 Q167 AW 2.5 TOEFL 94 (international student) 2 years of relevant work experience (school and university) The results are in my signature Going to George Mason! Happy
  7. AmandaLemon

    Fairfax, VA

    Thanks! My budgets are not that big So, I intend to rent a room. According to CL it will cost me $500-700. If this is right I'll be fine. Do you know anything about food? Is it expensive to eat on campus? ...Are you going to GMU too? If it's not a secret
  8. AmandaLemon

    Fairfax, VA

    Is there somebody from GMU? I am wondering about cost of living in Fairfax. Is it high?
  9. From Russia, Saint-Petersburg Will be studying Math Education at George Mason
  10. Same story with U of Houston. They don't respond to my e-mails... So, you are not alone in this boat. What's your university?
  11. haha! Same here! Isn't it UCF you are waiting for? Because I was interviewed there on the 3d of Feb and still, I mean STILL nothing! It's the 26th of March now by the way! Dear UCF, you are killing me! I also have another one from George Mason - interviewed on the 4th of March. They said that decision would be in several weeks... Apparently it's more than several weeks by now.
  12. So sorry to hear that. That sucks but don't give up! and good luck in the next round! Cheer up! In all bad things there is something good.
  13. I'm in the same boat. It's been more than a month since my interview at UCF. Trying to keep calm.....
  14. I am waiting to hear from U of Georgia, U of Nothern Colorado, U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, U of Houston, Temple U, U of Mississippi. Also I am eager to hear from U of Central Florida and George Mason U because I've been interviewed there. Besides, I'm quite nervous to hear from Syracuse U because I'm waitlisted for funding in that one.
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