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  1. gradeschooldropout

    When to inquire about assistantship?

    follow up question about another type of assistantship. research assistantship. when should i contact professors for that? also should i mention in the email that it would be hard for me to attend the school if i don't get aid? i dont wanna seem needy and desperate but at the same time i kinda am desperate for the money lol
  2. gradeschooldropout

    Notification of Financial Aid?

    from what ive seen each department does it differently. never hurts to contact them, if for nothing else but to learn of their process. i asked the ones ive been accepted to so far and none of them offered me aid. basically the only thing available is loans smh i might start a gofundme...
  3. gradeschooldropout

    Masters Applicants for Fall 2018!! Anybody out there?

    Congrats! If you got into berkeley im sure you have a good shot at stanford as well
  4. gradeschooldropout

    Masters Applicants for Fall 2018!! Anybody out there?

    I got a response from Berkeley today at about 330 eastern. I was rejected lol, but that was expected. The guy you quoted got a reply from UCLA and UCDavis over 2 weeks ago and I still haven't heard from them. That's kinda scaring me tbh. Is there a correlation between how soon you hear the result vs getting rejected or accepted? I would love to see that kind of study.
  5. gradeschooldropout

    Masters Applicants for Fall 2018!! Anybody out there?

    Field: MS in Electrical Engineering (might switch to Computer Engineering once I start) Schools: NC State, Ohio State, Purdue, UT Austin, U Mass, Ga Tech, UMD College Park, Wisconsin - Madison, Virginia Tech, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Sand Diego, UC Davis, UC Irvine Status: I was accepted for the ones above in green and rejected for the ones in red. Waiting on the others. Ya i know i applied to a million programs. My professor scared me lol. I applied to like 8 at first and he was like "You sure you don't wanna apply to some lower ranked ones?" My biggest worry at this point is funding. Someone mentioned earlier that MS students don't really get funding, and I'm becoming more and more aware of that as I contact these departments. That's sad cuz I wanna go to a UC (if it was not obvious with how many i applied to). Issue is, Cali is hella expensive. Anybody got advice for funding? I don't have the kinda luck to win random scholarships here and there lol. Also, anyone hear from any of these programs I mentioned?
  6. I'm down to trade as well. if you guys are still looking
  7. gradeschooldropout

    help with sop!

    i wouldn't mind exchanging essays as well. lemme know
  8. Hey guys. So it's getting dangerously close to all the deadlines for the apps. Most of these seem to be due by the 15th. Just wondering if anyone going to a STEM program would be willing to exchange Statements for last-minute critique? Just let me know!

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