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Open House Impressions 2014


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Since the Open House season seems to have started, and I'm guessing a fair share of us won't be able to make it to them, I wanted to start this thread to collect information and impressions from Open Houses.


Those attending, would you be so kind as to share your experiences?


Thanks in advance,


IR Toni

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Perhaps it would be more practical if people posted specific schools' open houses about which they have questions? What do you think IRToni? --- I'm worried otherwise this thread might get very overwhelming very fast.

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I still have several schools to visit (some higher ranked) and will gladly comment on them as I think it will help future applicants select schools to apply to.

I really do think that Wisconsin is a bit underranked. The faculty are superb, it is a completely drama free department, and the current graduate students are easy to get along with. It is definitely not an environment where graduate students are pit against each other. Within IR, there is no quant vs. qual divide. The American group of scholars are very chill. Also, the DGS makes pretty funny game theory jokes. In terms of collaboration, there is a lot of coauthoring between faculty and students and among graduate students. I think from all of the schools I've been accepted to, Wisconsin is the one that has done the most "rebuilding" over the past 5-10 years and it shows. 

Overall, coachrjc was right when he said Madison is a lot of fun. 

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Thanks for the info, guys! I hope more people will share their experiences as they do their visits and make decisions. For those like me who are looking to try again next cycle, it's so important to have any and all information to get a better feel for the different departments. 

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Hi all, as a current female student at UCSD, this report is troubling!  


Assuming the PSR poster is real, I hope she brought this to the attention of someone she feels comfortable with (her hosts, the DGS or the Women in Political Science group); if not, I would encourage her to do so. Obviously, behavior like this is inappropriate and we would hope to prevent it. 


Speaking from my own experience (n=1 of course, but I believe I'm modal!), UCSD in an extremely welcoming place where I feel supported and invested in as a scholar, despite the resource challenges that often face public universities. Both faculty and students (male and female) are attentive to and proactively working to address the gender imbalance in academia. Respect and encouragement have been the norm in my interactions with professors, staff, and fellow students. If that culture is not coming across to prospective students, we clearly have work to do---so please give feedback formally as well as online!


If anyone has questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me.

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