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Get me off that wait list


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Like a lot of people here, I am wait liste at the moment. Let's share ideas to get on the accepted side of the list.

Maybe announce an upcoming internship can make a change? What else?




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Wait, that's the best strategy and all you can do.

Many programs have wait lists because of a limited number of offers of admission able to be made.  If offers are turned down by their first round picks, they can send them out to people on the wait list.


In this case, don't petition for them to change their mind, don't start LOR campaigns, don't casually contact them to list a new accomplishment since you turned in your application, don't email the entire admissions committee to put your name out there, don't send additional materials/gifts, just leave them alone and wait it out; they already made an official decision and they are not able to just retract an offer to another individual because you did these things.


The most you can do is contact your POI or an admissions contact to restate your interest in attending and thank them for considering you.  If you receive an offer from another school that has an upcoming deadline, you may be able to mention this to get information to help you make an informed decision such as a general idea of how close or far away they are from getting to you on the list.  Otherwise, wait it out.

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