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  1. So far I've been rather surprised with my workload? They cautioned against taking any electives in first year, as the core courses would be very demanding. So far it is pretty reading intensive, but other than that it is not particularly difficult. Obviously I am not complaining, I feel like in the next few weeks things will probably start to pick up. I'm TAing a first year intro course, so I know my students are going to start panicking at the beginning of October once their midterm is looming. I have only really had one evaluation so far and it was a brief, informal presentation. I do enjoy the fact that there are few evaluations worth higher percentages. Although it is a bit scary not knowing where I stand. I did have my first serious bout of homesickness last night/a little bit today. It is my first time living away from home, so I knew it would come at some point. My flights are already booked to go home for Christmas, so I just need to power through in the meantime
  2. I believe that a really strong writing sample helped my applications. Also, both of my letter writers did grad programs at my top choice, which probably gave the letters a bit more heft
  3. Yeah, I mean... our Wal-Marts are made out of igloos, but they still sell most of the same stuff
  4. I'm mostly nervous lately, with a small dash of excitement. I just wrapped up my Bachelor's so I've been enjoying the freedom of sleeping in and catching up on books/tv/movies that I did not have time for during the semester. I'm mostly nervous because I lived at home during undergrad, so I am moving halfway across the country and living on my own for the first time. I'm more concerned about being able to handle shit on my own than the academics at the moment. I am going house hunting in June sometime with my mom and some family friends who live not too far from my school, so I imagine I'll hopefully start to settle my nerves by then
  5. I'm still super anxious, but luckily I'm in finals week for the last semester of my undergrad, so I can at least focus my panic on something for the next few days
  6. I feel similarly, but not because I feel like they accidentally admitted me, but because I feel like I should actually be doing something. I got an e-mail this week saying they received notification that I accepted their offer, and sent along a lot of links for further information on the school/town/housing. I have poked around all of the links, but I feel like I should be doing something productive, I just don't know what...
  7. I was considering a job while going for my MA, but upon poking around further discovered that with my funding I am unable to work more than 10 hours a week in another job, so I'll have to get something that is only one or two shifts a week (not necessarily complaining). I am super glad I discovered this before making plans otherwise
  8. dhg12

    London, ON

    Thanks NeroDavola! Some solid advice! I'm hopefully going to get to go up and poke around a bit sometime in the next few months
  9. I obviously have no experience with this... but my plan is to play it by ear. I always err on the side of formality anyway, so I am probably going to refer to them as Dr. Surname until I am told otherwise
  10. I'm officially heading to Western in the fall!
  11. dhg12

    London, ON

    I accepted my offer from Western yesterday! I've started looking at housing, but don't want to accidentally end up in a sketchy part of town
  12. Figured Professor X wouldn't want to waste stamps and would just send out rejections telepathically
  13. Accepted my offer from Western today! Really excited to be going to London in the fall, such a good fit!
  14. You got rejected from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters? Damn
  15. I think everyone is much more curious about your reasons, tbh, because this seems like a pretty strange request. I don't think you can get them to reject you, personally. Once you send your application in it is more or less out of your hands, except for when you want to withdraw or something along those lines. I'm not positive though, all the same.
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