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Rejection to Acceptance: Possible??


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Hi guys,


I have been denied admission to one of my top choices for PhD and sent DGS an email if I can be reconsidered as admitted students leave admission spots to go their top choice university. Is it OK if I did that and how likelihood is it to get admitted after being rejected if I have mentioned him in the email that I have received fellowships from other excellent schools but this university particularly remains my top choice?


I know it is weird but nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, right?

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I would say not impossible, but most likely 99.999% unlikely. I would not send an email. They would have waitlisted you, as Mr. Bugle said.



Just as an interesting story though...

We actually had two students that applied to a school. Student A was accepted and agreed to attend, student B was denied shortly after. Student A received an out of the blue acceptance from somewhere, and quickly retracted his acceptance to the original school. Student B was then called not that long after and asked if he was still interested.

However, this was at a school ranked extremely low, in fact, unranked in it's field. This would most likely never happen at a top school. They most likely were having trouble filling positions and had resorted to calling each person until they found someone who would accept.

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I'm pretty sure that programs make it a point to say that admissions decisions are irreversible once they are made. Sorry, bro. I know that isn't what you want to hear.

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