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Statistics (not biostats) Results?


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Wharton should be out soon no?


Assuming autocorrelation, then I guess you can expect either this week or early February. Good luck. That's a tough program to get into I think.

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Has anybody not heard from NC State yet? There have been a number of acceptances and rejections. I haven't received either.



Applied (14/14): UCLA, UCSB, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC SC, USC Marshall, UC Davis, NC State, Duke, Michigan St, Ohio State, U Florida, U Georgia, Virginia Tech.

Rejected (1/14): Duke

Waitlisted (0/14): 

Admitted (2/14): Ohio State, U Georgia



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I just got my official offer letter from UWashington, with funding details and such. Turns out I've been awarded a one-time 3k department fellowship, which is "offered to [their] top applicants, in recognition of their outstanding promise for graduate work, and as an incentive to join the program". 


Does anyone have any idea how many of these they give out? I'm curious to use this to update my odds at getting into programs higher on my list (Berkeley, Stanford).

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Congrats footballman!!!!! 


I too was awarded the 3k supplemental, as was my other friend so it looks like most people got it? @MLHopeful


Harvard should be out soon based on last years date. 

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