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Transfer from Yale Ph.D. to Stanford Ph.D., worth it?


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Hi All, 

    I am currently a 1st yr Ph.D. student in computer engineering at Yale, I am considering transfer to Stanford (Yes, it is possible).

    We have this Ivy+ Exchange program (exchange Ph.D. students among Ivy schools + MIT, berkeley, and stanford). I can go exchange to Stanford to work for a Stanford prof., and therefore increase my odds for admission under the prof. 

    Is it worth the effort ? I mean, Stanford is a prettier name than Yale, in terms of Computer Engineering. 

    I don't know which prof. I wanna work with. ATM, I am doing it for the prettier name only. Worth it??





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If you don't know what professor you want to work with, don't even bother. A move from one PhD program to another needs to be driven by your research interests, not by the desire for a different name on your degree.



 Also, I would take your real name off this post. You don't know who is looking at these threads...

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