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Waitlist Panic


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I just got waitlisted to University of Nebraska-Lincoln for sociology. For the first two days, I was ecstatic. Finally, after three long years of applying to graduate school, 155 152 on my GRE, almost publishing(my publication got a new publisher so its been a 8 months trying to get published which is another stressor), and a great graduate GPA, I finally heard back from somebody. 


And now, I am panicking because I am having that impulse to control the uncontrollable. What should I do? Should I email the graduate chair? Would I have a better shot at getting in next year? I guess, I would rather talk to a neutral party before I screw up my chances. 

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If you e-mail your POI or the person who contacted you, you should ask how the alternate/waitlist works. Is it ranked? Or is it by research area? the latter means you are dependent on someone else with similar research interests declining. If it is ranked, hope you are numbers 1-3. Usually if you are beyond 2 or 3 for a waitlist it doesn't look that good, but never lose hope! You never know, seriously! 

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Thank you! And I realize that this sort of post is kind of frowned upon. I just want to make an informed decision beforehand rather then acting on impulse. 


Oh and congratulations on getting into IUB!

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