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So its been 10 days since the first round of decisions are out for my top choice university and I havent received any response. This implies that I am either waitlisted or rejected. The day before the first round of decisions were released, my homepage was visited by someone from the same university, which maybe implies that my application did reach the final stage.


The question I want to ask is that is it fine to contact my POI and ask him to maybe contact my recommenders or have a short interview with me if he is still looking for a student and has any doubts about my application?


please help.



thanks in advance


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I don't see the harm in contacting your POI. It shows interest and reminds them of your existence. I wouldn't be pushy but maybe just reiterate that you are still very interested in the program and would gladly make yourself available for an interview.

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How were applicants notified? If done by email or online, I would assume you are on an unofficial waitlist. In that case, I'd wait it out unless you have an urgent deadline coming up to respond to one of your offers. If that's the case, you may want to politely ask when you should expect to hear back and decide what to do.


If notifications were mailed out, give it an extra day or two. Your letter might be taking a little longer to mail out, that's all. If you don't receive one by Tuesday, you are likely on a waitlist. Personally, I'd wait it out some more. Some schools would rather keep you waiting and send out a clear acceptance or rejection rather than send out wait list notifications followed acceptances and rejections later on. Perhaps they do this to reduce admin work or maybe they don't want their wait listed applicants to get discouraged and accept an offer somewhere else if they know they are waitlisted. Who knows.


April 15 is still far away so try to be patient and wait. It's really hard to know what will happen at this point in time.

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