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Course Load?

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Any advice on how many courses you should take? I dont have to work and can study full time.


I unsure whether or not I should stick to 3 courses or try 3 grad courses + 1 undergrad language course

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This totally depends on the department. In my MA department, the expectation was 3 graduate courses for both MA and PhD students. If you took a language class, then that meant you were in 4 courses. But, in my PhD department, the expectation was 2-3 graduate courses per semester depending on what was being offered. Some people did take 2 grad seminars plus a language course. The downside to taking fewer courses at a time can be that it takes you longer to complete your coursework. Also, some graduate schools have a minimum number of credit hours you must take to maintain your assistantship or fellowship.

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3+1 sounds good, but usually there are departmental policies related to this issue, so pay attention. 


This. My tuition remission won't cover any class that doesn't count toward my degree (which an undergrad language course wouldn't). However, at my SO's school they can do that with no issues, so just look into your university's policies on it.

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