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Questions to ask a program?

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I have an interview tomorrow for funding, and I was told I could additionally prepare a few questions to ask the interviewer about the program (I haven't committed yet). I have a general idea on what I'd like to ask, but I wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions, in case I'm forgetting something. My main question now is concerning clinic, how many clients you see, and placements for internships.


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One of my favorite questions to ask is,  "What are some weaknesses about your program, or Why would someone not choose your program."   It is basically the same question some employers or grad schools ask their applicants but turning the table on them and asking the same question can really show how professional they are or not and if they are honest people.  If they give an honest response you can be confident that they have been and will be honest and upfront about everything to do with their program.

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I had a list of questions I reviewed before every interview I had because I think it's just as important that I interview them while I have the opportunity to hear firsthand what the program is like. Here are a few of my main ones...


-when does clinic start? how many clients do you have the first semester? How does the number of clients progress as you move through the program?

-is the program cohort style or are class schedules flexible?

-what types of clients does your clinic serve? (i.e. are there a lot of child artic clients, lot of older/medical clients? are there any patterns in who you see?)

-how long do summer classes and summer clinic run? (one of my schools only had classes, no clinic, another had classes, but clinic ran WAY longer than the summer class session, etc).

-are classes and the clinic located in the same building? if not, where are they located?

-where are your medical placements?

-how far can I expect to travel for externship placements?

-do most students live on or off campus/together or alone?


*look on the website, if any of these questions are already answered there, maybe don't ask them... 


I always liked to have one or two things to ask at the end, and having a wide range of planned questions meant that even if they covered a lot already, I always had something to say. I think it made me look better, more invested in the program. But that could just be in my head :P either way, it made me feel better. I think it's great you're going into this interview prepared! Good luck!!!! 

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-what's unique about your program/what sets it apart from other programs.

-Do students work part-time (if you think you might need to).

-How many hours of clinic per week

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