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Getting in with low GRE scores

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Try using the magoosh website. They garuntee that your score will improve by 5 points or your money back. I believe it's only 100$ too which is cheap compared to the Kaplan programs. I didn't use the actual program just the free trial, but I did like the trial.

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I got very low scores. I'm planning on retaking them again but, I'm not great at standardized tests

Verbal 147

Math 144

Writing 3.0

I know that CSUN will accept MAT scores in lieu of GREs. I think that the idea is that the math might be a bit easier on that exam.

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If anyone is still interested in testing their luck with one more school, I confirmed Jacksonville University is still accepting applications until May 15th for this Fall!! They still have spots! They have only recieved over 200 applications, average combined GRE scores 290, with an average writing of 3.5.  ASHA  says they accept students 2.44-3.75 GPA. They seem to be a newer program, next Accrediation Review is February 2018. Tuition is $47,080 without doing an optional semester. There seem to be a few graduate assistantships available in other departments but, can't find them on the website yet. Hope this helps!

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