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Masdar Institute Fall 2015 Anyone got final official offer ?


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Hey Guys, I am in the same boat!

I had been admitted to the M.Sc. Material Science program at Masdar and recently had been waiting for a word on my student visa status. This morning I received an email from admissions informing me that my student visa application was not approved. They told me they had not been informed what the reason for rejection is and therefore they cannot tell me. It's a little disappointing but I hope it is for the best.

Abdelrahman, sorry to hear about your visa status. I wish you all the best on your future endeavors.


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Hi guys,

I am very sorry to hear about the loss. Your goals are set good. When you keep being motivated and continue your journey in science, you will find out other doors will open for you after one closes. The best to you in life, I am not informed yet but don't expect complications.

Kind Regards

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Do you guys think they would consider my application for the Spring semester if I ask them to do so, without having to submit all the supporting documents again? Or if the visa is refused once that is it?

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Hi Guys,

قدر الله وماشاء فعل
الحمد لله على كل حال

Finally, since my VISA is still delayed and now is the third week of this semester, then it is difficult for me to join in this Fall.

They offered me to apply again for Spring 2016 intake if I am still interested.

Thank you very much for your cooperation guys! See you later :)

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