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Scholarship details in SoP

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Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere - I've just found this amazing site!


Should I put that I received a scholarship for all 3 years of my undergrad (I'm from the UK btw) for academic potential and financial hardship in my SOP? This information is already on my CV. I'd be looking for an assistantship for my PhD.

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u can use the scholarship for your advantage if you narrate wisely in your CV. Were you selected competitively? Was it a prestigious and well known award? if so do mention it to bring attention to the fact that you have already impressed a committee! 

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I think it is best left to the CV unless you think it is a necessary part of the narrative. Don't waste space in your SOP repeating what can be found elsewhere in your application. Use the SOP to tell them what they don't know from the rest of your package.

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