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Hello speechies,

I am currently writing my personal statement and I am trying to figure out how to address the letter. Should I indent each new paragraph? Should I start the letter with "Dear..." and end with sincerely, ...? Should I just label the letter "Personal Statement- 'name' '"? 

Any tips will help! Thank you!

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From what I've heard and what I did, you don't address anyone at the top of the statement. I indented each paragraph but I also don't think schools would notice or care about something small like that. Some schools like Vanderbilt have examples of med students personal statements, and they didn't address anyone in their statement. Hope that helps. 

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i wouldn't address anyone and the indentation is up to you. most of my statements have a space between each paragraph, but if you want to save space i would indent without spacing. my next statement is probably gonna be indented because its a much smaller space to write in. 

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14 hours ago, queerpsych2013 said:

You guys think the statement should be double spaced? No formatting guidelines were given except a page limit.

I think it should be double spaced, or 1.5. I just say this because I've emailed the schools I am applying to, and they've generally said they read so many applications that they want the personal statements to be easy to read. After reading so many, it may be easier if the font is a little bit more spaced out than single space. That's just me though!  

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