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What are my chances to get into one of the schools mentioned


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This is my profile: GRE - 310 (V-149, Q-161), TOEFL - 100, CGPA - 8.31, 3 LORs from Assistant Professors from my college, West Virginia and Stanford, 4 research publications all in the field of interest, one of them in the best conference for HCI - UIST. I am applying for MS in CS with specialization in HCI and Machine Learning. What are my chances to get into UCSD, UCB, UIUC, UCI, UMCP and Gatech?

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It's really hard for anyone to chance you. I know I have no idea how to determine what my chances would be at any given school....

From what I have seen, your GRE Q might be a little on the low side for international students, but since you're applying for MS rather than PhD, that's probably fine (and I also don't know what schools consider "acceptable" for their programs). There are schools with separate programs for HCI -- have you looked at any of those? They might be a bit easier to get into than CS programs. You have publications, and most don't -- so that is a big plus in your favor, I'd say. LORs are important, and there's no way to know how effective yours are. Bottom line -- we're all in the same boat :-) Waiting and biting our nails until we hear something. It sounds like you are a very credible applicant whose application should get serious consideration. Good luck!

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