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Interview at Teachers College


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Hey everyone!

I recently got invited for an interview at Teachers College--my top choice! It's for the doctoral program in Social Studies ed.  Has anyone else gotten an interview? Or know how they use interviews (for funding, interviewing shortlisted students, or do all students receive an interview)? I understand different programs use them for different reasons and the likelyhood of acceptance varies, but any insight would be great! 

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Hi! I just accepted an offer for a PhD program in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of North Texas in which they did not interview me or anything-I applied and was notified of an offer about a month later. Congrats on your interview! I've heard many great things about the Teacher's College. Yes, different schools do use interviews for different reasons but I think the mere fact that you were able to secure an interview at this college is a great sign. I don't think universities would waste their time on interviewing someone they don't think would do well in a doctoral program. At this point, I would start researching faculty research interests to see if any of their interests would match yours or sounds interesting to you. It also shows that your genuinely interested in what they're working on and serves as an excellent conversation point for interviews.

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