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Portland State University, Online MSW, Fall '16


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Hello friends,

I was accepted to PSU for their 3 year, online, MSW program on 2/11 and confirmed with them on 2/12. Wow oh wow... Never in a million years thought I'd get in. 

So, now that that's over, who else got in too? 

A couple of questions I had for you:

1) What kind of school supplies are you getting?  I'm almost 35, it's been many, many years since I bought supplies for anyone except little ones. I'll admit, I love to get school supplies, favorite part of the year.

2) For those of us who will be online students, do you think supplies should vary much?

3) If you are working and plan to keep doing so, are you going to tell your coworkers? If so, how? My boss was a reference so she and her bosses know, but it's been a secret from all but a few coworkers. Many don't have college degrees and there are only a couple who have an MSW. Will it change things? None of the supervisors have master's degrees that I know of, is this going to create a strange dynamic? 

That's a good start for now, will look forward to meeting others! Does anyone still plan to go to the informational meetings now that you're accepted?

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Hey! I just found out I got in today (SO EXCITED)! I was really worried I wouldn't get in, but here I am! :)

1. School supplies: I definitely need a new laptop. That's priority number one for me. Other than that I stick to the basics - some people color code, sticky note, index card, etc. I like to follow the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple, Stupid), ha. I'll probably get a notebook, a mechanical pencil, and a pen. 

2. I'll also be online, so I think school supplies will be less of a thing - I really think as long as we have good laptops/computers then all will be well.. But I'm just assuming.

3. Telling coworkers and supervisors probably depends on your work culture and the organization. I currently work at a nonprofit where a lot of people have their MSW or LCSW, and a lot of them went to PSU. Almost everyone at my work knows I applied, and my supervisor was one of the first people I told when I got accepted. They are actually willing to work with my school schedule in the future and are very supportive!

Im looking forward to starting school again! (Something I never thought I'd say after I finished my undergrad). I'm also really ooking forward to meeting everyone!

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Hello fellow cohort members, let that sink in for a minute, we are members of a grad school program cohort! 

1. I'm with @kmarks1 on supplies, I think a good laptop will be my biggest supply investment since the bulk of our work is online. I love stationary and supplies so I'll probably also grab some notebooks, colorful pens and a good planner. Balancing school, work and wedding planning is going to require a serious commitment to organization on my part.

2. The only real difference I foresee is that we'll have fewer handouts or at least a choice of whether to print things or keep them digitally so maybe we don't need to invest in binders/folders.

3. My boss and the board of the nonprofit where I work don't know yet. I'll be meeting with my boss on Monday to tell her. I don't foresee any problems since I can commit to another 2 years with them and potentially do my field placement there as well. I'm the only non-attorney on staff and they often forget that I don't already have a masters degree so I'm not worried about my coworkers reactions. 

I am so happy and proud and I look forward to getting to know you both (and anyone else who joins us) ?

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42 minutes ago, Mommy2boox2 said:

Aaaahhhhhh!!!!! @kmarks1 and @AmandaN!!!!!!  How exciting and congratulations--I knew you'd be here!!! The first 3! Out of ONLY 40! Can't wait to meet you all in September! :)

I can't wait to meet you both! ^_^

Did y'all already sign up for the May conference call/google hangout? I'm doing the Wednesday option.

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