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I have gotten into the following courses for Master beginning Spetmebr 2016: 

1. University of Sussex: MA in Governance and Development 

2. SOAS: Development Studies 

3. Sciences PO/PSIA: Masters in International Development 

I'm also waiting to hear from LSE - Msc in Development Management/ Development Studies. 

As an international student coming from India, which would be the best university for me? Major factors include:

1.College Ranking/ Reputation 

2. Funding/scholarships available available: As of now I have no scholarship offers from any university

3. Cost of Living / total cost in one year

4. Career opportunities/ Placements directly out of university (esp. for internatioanl students) 

Any suggestions would be of great help. Thanks!

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Hi Vaishnavi!

I too am from India. I got into LSE for MSc in Development Studies Even I am confused as to whether choose L.S.E or Sciences Po. LSE's ranking is far better than that of ScPo; however, I personally feel that ScPo's course is more holistic- a 2 year course with regional and thematic concentrations, opportunity to intern or do a research project etc..What have u finally selected? My parents want me to go to LSE(for obvious reasons),but I somehow am leaning towards ScPo. Give me ur id so that we can connect over e-mail.



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