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Skype interview prep


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I totally misread your thread, @tdm310, hence the edit! Anyway, if I had fifteen minutes, I would look over my CV, make sure I knew how to pronounce the interviewer's name, and breathe. I would also check that my computer was set up. Then I would likely do some voice warm ups. A few years of voice lessons did help with public speaking. 

I would likely have some notepaper beside me. Once I had a Skype interview and I simply wrote BREATHE and also a phonetic spelling of some technical words on the paper in sharpie. I am sure others will have better advice. I look forward to the thread. 

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First things first, I would have a copy of my cover letter and resume on hand, for reference. I would also look over the company (university/agency/etc.) mission statement, description of services, etc. and formulate one or two questions regarding their work. I would want to make sure that I was familiar with my contact's work, with their current projects, and to have an idea of how my own work (or research, if for school) would fit into their overall agenda. 

For both of them, make sure that you are in a quiet, calm area that you can be comfortable in, and make sure that you won't be disturbed. Also, as Demeter said, a notepad beside your computer is absolutely invaluable.

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I had mine yesterday. A few days prior I asked my roommate, who'd also had a skype interview with a graduate program, for any tips; he said that the best approach is to know what you want to say in response to common questions (like "tell me about your experiences with diversity") and to have specific examples for others ("why this university", describing experience with specific program related tasks). And not to sit in a rocking chair and rock while using a tablet :D


Personally, I made sure I looked business-casual from the waist up; simple blouse, neat hair, minimalist makeup (even if you're not a makeup person, a quick tinted moisturizer/foundation evens everything out -- and the camera WILL pick up on any unevenness). Don't eat or drink or chew gum. 


And, if you're at home and your cat demands a quick petting, apologize for going out of frame to pet said cat. 

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