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PhD Program possibility 2016

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This program went out on CRTNET this morning. If anyone is still looking for a program or has not been admitted elsewhere you might look into it. http://arts-sciences.und.edu/communication/graduate/index.cfm

This is the message (since it was on CRTNET today I'm guessing she means April 16, 2016):


Pamela Kalbfleisch, pamela.kalbfleisch@icloud.com

New Doctoral Program in International and Intercultural Communication at the University of North Dakota

The intent of the Ph.D. program is to graduate students with scholarly competencies enabling them to assume roles as intellectual leaders in international and intercultural communication as well as public intellectuals stimulating discussion of significant communication issues.

Program is accepting applications from those with master’s or bachelor’s degrees with interest in advanced study in communication. Submit complete applications by April 16, 2015 for best consideration.

For more information about the program go to http://arts-sciences.und.edu/communication/

Pamela Kalbfleisch, Ph.D.

Communication Program

Graduate Director


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Be wary of a new doctoral program, especially in a state that will have budget issues with the oil boom turning into a bust. Also, the requirements for a teaching assistant seem a little steep, since you need letters attesting to your teaching skills and write a statement of your teaching philosophy. The program is putting the cart before the horse there.

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