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I applied to an MPP or MPA in the follogwing universities:

  • American
  • NYU
  • GW
  • Maryland
  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • UCLA

But I still did not receive results, anybody has information??



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Hey Martin, 

I applied to American for an MPA, GW for an MPA and Maryland for an MPP. I have gotten accepted into GW and American for an MPA, no funding or financial aid yet, but acceptance. I am still waiting for acceptance into UMD. I was also accepted into CMU for a MSPPM. Let me know when you get your letters. 

What are your GPA/GRE scores? Mine were just okay, but I had strong Letters of Rec and as well as strong essays.

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AU is trickling out their letters in the last week or so, so stay tuned. That said, their funding decisions won't be released for couple of weeks, so you're not missing the party quite yet.

My understanding is that Maryland's process is concluded later than most (late March, early April).

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