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George Washington or Stony Brook (SUNY)?


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Today I received an acceptance letter from Stony Brook (SUNY). I'm now in a position of choosing for the first time ever.

Both are English MA programs. Both ranked 60-something but may differ since depending on what site you look at. But of course, the tuition costs are different.

Which would you recommend for an international student who wants to study American Literature with a big emphasis on queer studies and feminist perspectives? (I know that's not a whole lot to go on but anyway)


1. George Washington University

Got a letter early Feb. Got personal e-mails from two different professors. Very kind and enthusiastic. Offered a fellowship of 15,000 USD. According to their website, GWU has some strengths when it comes to queer/crip theory. The major drawback, of course, would be the tuition and living expenses in the DC area which are so massive that 15,000 USD doesn't cover much.


2. Stony Brook (SUNY)

Got a letter today. Generic e-mail congratulating me. Admissions packet coming later on. No financial support. However, the tuition is cheaper compared to GWU. There is a certificate program for women's studies and several of the faculty members do focus on gender studies in English literature. Some of my undergrad profs got their PhDs here (not sure if that's relevant).


 I really don't know much about MA programs in the US so I would like to get some advice from people who know better. Thanks :) 

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