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Michael Viet


Hi everyone,

I am a Vietnamese immigrant and I finished Law school with a Bachelor degree. I am intending to switch my career to either Finance or IT and thinking of either starting-over or going -up for Master. I have asked many people for their views as followings:

1. My degree:

A. Starting-over: going to NOVA then George Mason because this option is the safest that I can completely comprehend the education principles, cultures, environments and, for the most important part (according to them), that I can be eligible for the Pells and Grants;

B. Going-up: getting a technical certificate of my my desired major at a vocational public school (Adults and Community Education center Fairfax County) then applying for a job, working there for months then admitting to a private school with my evaluated undergraduate transcript;

C. Going-up: going to NOVA for an Associate degree or, at least, a career certificate, then applying for a job, working there for months then admitting to a private school with my evaluated undergraduate transcript.

My uncle suggests me (B) because he used to do it successfully with a Master degree in IT at Strayer University. However I cannot find any institute offering financial aid so I am in favor with (C) - it is, to me, a safer-but-still-quick option.

2. My major: I am in favor with Finance instead of IT or Computer because I can figure out what I gonna study and do with Finance, while IT is so wide... If I have to go with, Cyber Security may be my choice. The thing is I only have chances to meet people from Strayer with degrees in IT or Computer, while the reviews in forum give me various of both good and bad views on its accounting and finance programs. Thus, i wish to receive your kindly views on the followings:

A. Which one is easier to study? It may be focused on math, logic or critical thinking;

B. Which one requires more certificates?

C. Which one has a smoother career route?

D. Which one can support you to get a good pay job after graduate, or, increase the pay more quickly?

Please feel open to share and comment because I am begging for your views and, if I am blessed, your pieces of advice. I do appreciate your attention. God bless you all!   


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