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Hi Everyone,

I will be taking the gre this coming April and have been practicing my writing skills. Unfortunately, I am unable to find anyone that would be able to grade my essay so I would REALLY appreciate it if someone could please provide some assistance and read my issue essay for me and provide some constructive criticism on what I can improve.


With more than 6 billion people in the world, every area of the globe, even areas on the same side of the globe, differ greatly from one another. Each country and each city holds certain attributes for which they are known for and sets them apart from the rest. With this said, to understand the most important characteristics of a society, a person does not need to evaluate the vast majority of the population in each city.

                Analyzing major cities of any country does not give a better understanding of how the society is. Major cities have high population densities, which means they consist of people with a wide variety of personalities and characteristics that set them apart from each other. For example, one of the major cities of the United States is Los Angeles. People in Los Angeles might be used to a laid back lifestyle with days that consist of going to the beach and socializing. In comparison to New York, another one of America’s major cities, the people in LA are perceived very differently. New York has a very different environment and people here seem to always be on the go and live a busier lifestyle. Evaluating the people of these two cities, anyone can see there is a clear difference between how much the lives of each American may differ from one another even though we are ultimately part of the same society.

                Living in a certain city for a long period of time also allows a person to adapt to the environment they are in and change according to what the lifestyle requires. Because of this, although we are all seen as “Americans”, we all differ greatly from one another because of where we may have grown up, established our careers, or gone to school. New York is a great example of this, since New York is home to many immigrants and people of many different cultures and ethnicities. Evaluation the population of New York City does not allow anyone to analyze the American society as a whole, because everyone in New York is not typically from America and how they think or what they stand for might be very different from your everyday American. However, sometimes assessing a few specific areas that consist of large majority of the population, helps to get a sense of what the culture of a society is like. Evaluating the population of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or any of America’s major cities, can give anyone an idea America stands for freedom and free thinking. The different personalities, lifestyles, and characteristics of each major city can give anyone the impression, America is place of diversity that promotes individuality.

                In conclusion, to get the true idea of a society’s culture, morals, and values, it is important to analyze every aspect of that society and not just the lifestyle of a few major cities that will only reveal one piece of the pie.

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