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External funding options and work/internships for DC MA IR students

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I have been admitted into Georgetown SSP, however I did not receive any funding.  The program, due to less required credits, is about 30k less than Georgetown MSFS.  However 70k for tuition over two years is still difficult to swallow.  


For those familiar with similar programs (including SAIS, HKS, Fletcher, GWU, etc.), what are the best external funding sources available to students in their second year?


I have also heard of people gaining employment with a federal agency in their first year, and taking advantage of programs that pay for your remaining year in exchange for an employment commitment. Which IR related agencies/organizations offer this program?


For those of you attending school in DC, what about attending school part time (Georgetown SSP offers classes primarily at night to allow for this)?  Are internships generally paid, and what are the wages like? I have minimal work experience in the security sector, and thus I am concerned that most employers will only offer unpaid internships. 


Thank you for any comments/recommendations.  I was hoping to attend SSP, however I am unwilling to take on debt to cover both tuition and living expenses (tuition is bad enough), and am thus hoping to at least cover my COL in DC.

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Check here:

CIA's Graduate Studies program, and if you are low income, the Graduate Scholarship program ( https://www.cia.gov/careers/student-opportunities/graduate-students.html )

Pickering Fellowship: http://www.twc.edu/thomas-r-pickering-foreign-affairs-fellowship-program

Rangel Fellowship: http://www.rangelprogram.org/index.cfm?session.areaid=2&contentid=672&typeid=CBRIAP92223 

AFIO - https://www.afio.com/13_scholarships.htm

WID Horizons (if you are female) - http://wid.ndia.org/horizon/Pages/default.aspx

Lint Center - http://www.lintcenter.org/scholarships/

For internships:

State - https://careers.state.gov/intern/student-programs
CIA- https://www.cia.gov/careers/student-opportunities/graduate-students.html
DIA- http://www.dia.mil/Careers/Students.aspx 
NSA- https://www.intelligencecareers.gov/icstudents.html?Agency=NSA 
FBI- https://www.fbijobs.gov/students/honors-internship-program 
USAjobs - https://www.usajobs.gov/
Energy - http://orise.orau.gov/doescholars/
Homeland Security - https://www.dhs.gov/homeland-security-careers/students
US Marines Intelligence - http://www.hqmc.marines.mil/intelligence/StudentEmployment/Opportunities.aspx
National Reconnaisance Office - http://www.nro.gov/careers/summer.html
NGA - https://www.nga.mil/Careers/StudentOpp/Pages/default.aspx
Treasury - https://www.treasury.gov/careers/hq-careers/Pages/student-employment.aspx

Not to mention internships with defense contractors like Booz Allen.
Most/all of these jobs would make you eligible for for PSLF as well.

It is my humble opinion that you should go for SSP. In addition to what I mentioned above, Career Services and faculty/staff/felow students in the SSP will undoubtedly be able to tell you about other opportunities. Once you get to DC, the opportunities are endless. 
I hope this info is a blessing to you and please pass it on. 

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Thank you for the information you have provided.  I have been living in asia for the past few months, so I was unable to attend the admitted students day to get a sense of the SFS career center.


Obviously what is holding me back is funding.  A have received a full ride and full living stipend at a west coast state flagship, which has been incredibly difficult to justify turning down.  This is especially the case, given that the critical language I have been studying in asia is not offered in DC, while it is offered at the west coast option I mentioned. 


My understanding is that with a couple of these programs, they only take entering MA students, and not students already enrolled.  However, I will make sure I interpreted their eligibility requirements correctly.  


I will be sure to pass on this information.  Cheers

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On April 23, 2016 at 4:28 AM, rht106 said:

Thanks for this scholarship info! I have been on the hunt for more. If anyone else knows of other opportunities for graduate scholarships, send them my way! :)

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