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Some application questions..

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Hey everyone, this season I'm applying for the first time and have some questions as I'm not familiar with the process.

1) Do you generally write a different SOP for each school?

2) In what order do you do things? Technically right now, I could submit applications. Do people normally submit the apps, then at some point just make the their letter-writers send in the letters and their GRE's are sent over? Or is there a specific order?

3) Looking at some applications, they have sections for "relevant work" and for extracurricular activities. I have been working and doing plenty of extracurriculars but they really aren't related to SLP. Should I put them all anyway?





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1. I wrote a generic one and then altered it according to the school's prompt. Some turned out way differently then when they started. One school had a completely different prompt so I wrote a different SOP. 

2. You can submit now if you are ready, but there's not really a benefit unless there is an early deadline or rolling admissions. The letters on CSDCAS just have to be in by the school's application deadline. Send GRE's as early as you can? I'm not sure. 

3.  I put all of my (non-related) work experience as well as my volunteer work that was more in nursing than speech path. It can't really hurt. 

Just my opinions. 

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1. I second what Auuudriana said. Write one generic one and tailor it for each school. You may have to write additional SOPs, depending on the schools' requirements.

2. I do not think it matters on the order you send application materials in. The admissions office will see your application as a "package" as soon as everything is submitted. Applications will then be passed onto a review committee. I think this especially is true for schools that require the CSDCAS application.

3. What kind of extracurriculars are they? I think all of them can be related somehow. I would include them.

Good luck!!!

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Thank you so much for all of your answers!!! Is it normal, though, that I can't view the essay question until I submit my application??? Specifically, currently looking at Montclair's app. There's a short initial application and I cannot view what all the supplementary items are until I certify, sign, and finish it. Is that normal? I'm tempted to just do so NOW so that I can see what else I need to do...

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Does anyone have opinions on when to submit if I am currently still in two pre-req courses? I feel more comfortable with schools receiving transcripts that show I completed all pre-reqs and what my grades were, but I also would really like to apply early. Do schools seem to mind if you are still in progress with a few courses?

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