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Low GRE other things look good


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I have a low gre score for quant 152 and 157 on comp, analytical is 4.5. I have obtained a 3.61 gpa in neuroscience and I have submitted two papers for publishing (haven't been accepted yet) and I have presented at 6 different international conferences. I Work at the University of Pennsylvania with a clinical population in neuropsych (the field I plan to work in) but I am worried that my gre scores will hold me back from getting into a good phd program in psychology. I have good letters of recommendation from prolific well respected authors of their fields. I have worked so hard to make my application as strong as possible so that lower gre scores aren't a problem. I'm still concerned about my scores though. Any thoughts would be helpful!


Schools I am applying to:






Kent State

Penn State

Washington U in St. Louis

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

University of Toronto

and McGill

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Your scores are a bit below average, but not by much. I know for most psych subdisciplines, verbal is higher than quant and 157V is a solid score. Same for 4.5 on AWA. If quant is around the same for neuro as most subdisciplines (?), 152 is on the low end of average, but not abnormally low. Actually, I think 152 is the mean for psych, but that could be 154... anyway, all your other materials are fairly strong, so I'd say you have at least an okay shot from where you stand now.

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