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Hey guys!

I am about to apply to grad school and I am looking up all of the requirements. Some of the schools I am looking at require a minimum GPA of 3.0.. as of right now, my GPA is just below 3.0. When I graduate in December, I will have a 3.0 GPA. My question is should I apply to graduate school now, even though my GPA is lower than what they require? A lot of the schools I am looking into have an application deadline of either December 1 or January 1.

Some of the schools I am looking at don't have a specific GPA requirement. So does that mean they don't focus on GPA? I have a lot of research experience (~3.5 years), I have done 4 poster presentations and I will have 3 strong letters of recommendation. I am going to take my GRE within the next few weeks. If you have any advice on taking the GRE, that would also be nice!

The schools I am looking into are mainly medical schools with graduate programs. I live in Texas and my top school is UT Southwestern. I am also looking at UTMB and UT Health Science Center in San Antonio. Does anyone know if it is harder to get into the graduate programs in medical schools??

 I will be applying to other universities with masters and Ph.D programs, just not too sure on which ones yet.

Sorry for all the questions and I am not 100% positive I posted in the right place. But if someone can help guide me, that will be very much appreciated.

Thank you!!

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