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Defer accepted admission to unfunded M.S. program and wait for admission by better programs


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Hi guys. I have a question about deferring admission that probably has been asked so many times already, so I want to apologize in advance. I just feel that my situation has a slightly different angle and would like some advice.

Let's just say I am a B candidate. Not an A+, not a C-, but somewhere in the middle. I have been applying to many M.S. programs at B's and C's schools for next Fall semester.  Then the "D" school came along inviting me to apply to their M.S. program with a fee waiver (thanks to the annoying GRE Search Service). But this program is for a different term, i.e., Spring, not Fall. Long story short, I caved and applied to the D school and now I got accepted with no funding. Now, just so you know I am really grateful, and yes I would be happy to enroll at the D school if nothing else come along.  Also, I am working and has no time constraint. I can quit work to attend school any time whether it is Spring or Fall.  But I have already submitted 5 applications to the B's and C's schools and won't hear the decision from them until next Feb or March. I mean, I spent hundreds of dollars on those applications, and I really want to know the decision from those schools.  My problem is timing (and I admit, poor judgment) because I wouldn't be in this situation today if I would just pay the darn fee and apply for the Fall semester at the D school. So what I really want to do is deferring admission at the D school by a semester so that I get to hear decisions from B's and C's. I would have to pay the $500 deposit, and would probably lose it if I go to one of the B's and C's schools instead (which is not ideal but I am prepared to do so). Should I even mention my dilemma to the D school or should I just defer their admission and pay?  I don't want the D school to think that they are my fall back school, although that is precisely what I think of them at the moment.  I am hoping it is more common that people defer admission, decide not to attend,and then forfeit a deposit, because I certainly don't want to be one of the select few who are ever known to do it.


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