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How long to hear from Vanderbilt?


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So I just finished up applying to Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs. I applied to Vanderbilt, George Mason, George Washington, Clemson, University of Georgia, University of Alabama, NC State, Marymount University and University of Florida. Basically any school that had the program. I'm now waiting to hear back and many of the schools are on a "rolling admission" basis. I graduated from UVA and had a semi-okay GPA. I'm just wondering if anyone has applied to the above schools and how long it took you to hear back. Asking because my lease ends early spring and I want to start planning what to do in case I am moving from DC!


Thank you in advance!

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Hi folks!

Bumping this up/chiming in.  Just started to hear back about interviews and was wondering how everyone else was doing.  @wahoocounselor, we applied to a few of the same schools.  Have you heard back from anywhere yet (specifically GWU)?  

I am so antsy!  Nice to have folks to say hello and talk to that are going through the same thing.

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@Erin Massie did they offer you money with admission?  I just had my interview this week...got accepted to a couple other schools that I really love and are WAYYYYY cheaper.  I feel like the only way I could accept an offer would be if it came with $$

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