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Utah MS in Computing vs MS in Computer Science


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So the University of Utah has two options for MS:

  • MS in Computing
  • MS in Computer Science

Source: http://www.cs.utah.edu/graduate/deg-program/

Now, as I understand it, the MS in Computing is for a specific track, while the MS in CS is a more general degree. However, you can choose your emphasis areas in CS as well, so my question is which program would be better for me? I want to do a specialisation in Data Science and Machine Learning.

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Both require 30 credits, only difference is the allowable electives and the core classes. CS will probably afford you a little more freedom to take a course outside of data analysis/management (assuming that is the track for MS in Computing you would take). So if you see a course outside of your specific emphasis area that interests you, you could take it.

They explain it in your link you posted. For Computing, the curriculum in each area is tailored for you. For Computer Science, it is a common framework between the X amount of emphasis areas. So you choose an emphasis by the electives you choose to take.

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