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Statement of Purpose for Speech-Language Pathology Grad School

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Hey everyone

So, I'm currently an undergraduate in a Communicative Disorders and Sciences program applying for grad school. I have a problem and that is that I don't have a lot of experience outside of school that are SLP-related. I originally was going towards a degree in Accounting, but certain things happened with my family and an illness, and I decided to drop out of business school but realized that I really wanted to be an SLP instead. So here I am, about to finish undergrad and wanting to get into grad school, but I don't have anything really to show on my resume or an experience I can really talk about in my essay.

Consequently, I've decided that perhaps I should write about the fact that I haven't had much experience because of certain things that happened during business school, to perhaps show to the undergraduate admissions of wherever I'm deciding to go why I haven't had as many experiences as my peers.

Do any of you think this is a good idea? Or does anyone happen to have any other suggestions? ):


Thanks !!

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I suggest getting some experience! SLP graduate school is highly competitive, and while it's not impossible to switch gears from a different major, you need to demonstrate that you are really interested. Schools want to know you're serious. Try volunteering, or getting a job in the field or a related field. A far as your business degree, I would talk about how that will help you in your future goals; leadership, entrepreneurship in private practice, etc. Best of luck!

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Explain what drew you to the field. Did you/someone know work with an SLP? What areas of being an SLP are you interested in? For me, I spoke a lot about how I wanted to work with patients with dysphagia and spent most of my undergrad career researching it (Capstone paper, mock client, etc.). While you may not have experience, if you can show them why you're interested in the field and how you want to help people as an SLP, I think you stand a good chance.

Good luck!!

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