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Has anyone gotten an early admit decision for CS from UPenn?


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One of my friends got an acceptance letter from UPenn in the early application cycle for the Chemical program. Has anyone from CS gotten a decision yet? They said decisions would be sent by mid December right?

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Well from what I've heard from Gatech and my friends, many schools have sent out interview invitations or first round of offers(mainly TAs if TA is determined by the department, not applied afterwards). As for the RAs, the faculty members have the final say, so if you have an interview with any one of them, your chances to get admitted and funding are pretty good. It's likely that many professors haven't made their decisions so there's still hope.

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36 minutes ago, playfire said:

Which programs at which schools have already extended interviews that you know of?

ME at Gatech and Purdue.  Chemistry at UPenn of coz as mentioned by cybergla. It seems that not only interviews, some of these schools have already given out a few admissions, too. The general decisions like who will be offered admission, waiting-listed and rejected will be made in late January. 

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