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  1. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    Actually the phd student I know is on the material's group. He's from my undergrad college and did an intern at my institute a few months back. He mentioned Xu Wu when I was applying to UIUC but there's no news since then. I didn't even contact Prof. Kozlowski for this matter.
  2. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    @nuclearkatieBTW, also nothing from Berkeley, either. Curious why no one knows or posts anything. Anyway, that's $125 flying away.
  3. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    I recently turned down offers from Penn State and UTK. If you applied to these schools, maybe there's a chance. Good luck!
  4. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    @KRSGI accepted the offer from NCSU last week. I'd say these programs are all very awesome and it's all about whether you could find something interesting for your phd. The professor I would like to work with transferred from Penn State to NCSU last year and Raleigh, NC is also a pretty nice city, so in the end I chose NCSU. Know a student who's with Professor Kozlowski at UIUC and their work is promising. Also a few international students on his team. Never intend to apply to UW and Umich so I can't give you any advice. Check out their websites and recent works. Reach out to them, and find out what intrigues you. It's really important that you have something you find interesting for your phd! @nuclearkatieAnd hey, I'm also working on computational reactor physics, multiphysics simulation to be specific. Maybe we'll meet on a conference someday.
  5. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    I haven't made my decision yet and I would wait for a few more days. I know that PSU is a great school and info from my friends actually makes me more torn on this. I'm more inclined to go to NCSU since I want to do multiphysics and projects in the multiphysics group at PSU is not so interesting after the professor transferred to NCSU to become the department head. I figure I'll make my decision in a couple of days. Thanks for the info.
  6. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    Okay guys the waiting seems not so rewarding, and I haven't heard from the other schools other than the simple rejection from MIT. I'm about to make the final decision at the end of this month and right now I'm looking at offers from Penn State and NCSU. I'm having a hard time choosing from these two schools and talking with teachers and friends from different schools. Both schools offered me admission with funding opportunities and the professor whose group I'd like to join transferred from Penn State to NCSU last year. I'm not sure what's left at Penn State would intrigue me and I haven't contacted any professor. It may be a good idea to communicate with professors and students from both schools but so far I haven't heard from them. Do you guys have any advice?
  7. What's your craziest backup plan?

    I would go back to my university and sell barbecue to the students. Can't stop a foodie from doing what he likes.
  8. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    Okay just as I was replying to you in the last post, I got a rejection from MIT. My friend who's applying to NE also got it. So if you haven't heard from them, you should be on the waiting list.
  9. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    I don't know what would happen if I choose to defer until 2018 spring. They might not have funding then. Still I'll try to avoid delaying my graduation, gonna talk with my supervisor more frequently.
  10. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    Okay guys, got an email from PSU today, offering me an offer with one year of half-time TA. One terrible thing happening to me is that my master's degree supervisor wants me to delay my graduation, and if that does happen, I might not be able to enroll in the 2017 fall term. I don't think I'll be able to forget someone who ruins my dream.
  11. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    I've got to the point where I don't really care anymore. I'm just now letting it be. The results will come.
  12. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    Okay I got to admit that my chance of getting into MIT is pretty low now. They recruit like 20 graduate students every year and that includes masters. Judging from the results posted in the survey, I'd say they've made most of their decisions by now. Gotta move on to anxiously waiting for another school then.
  13. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    @lordofnumptiesAround early December. I submitted all of my applications within a week, and have been waiting for some time.
  14. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    @lordofnumptiesIt's an email from Dr. Whiteman at Gatech that says my materials are on an internal website for the faculty members to review. Since the nuclear engineering program is under the department of ME, this email is also sent to other applicants not to NE. My friend who's applying to ME also got that. The content was quite confusing so I asked Dr. Whiteman what it meant, and he replied if one of the faculty members offers me GRA opportunity, I will be admitted. My guess is that they have already assigned TA and leave the decision of RA to the professors. After that, nothing from them. And judging from what @babbit said, their funding opportunities wouldn't be good, so I wouldn't anticipate much from Gatech. Their NE program is relatively small and they have fewer students than most institutes and universities, hence limited openings compared to other programs.
  15. NE Fall 2017 Applicants' Thread

    @babbit Congrats on admission to MIT. I also applied to Georgia Tech, and received an email that everybody received so I don't anticipate much from them. Now I only check my emails after waking up in my bed due to the time difference. Instead of wondering when the results are gonna come, I'm more into imagining where I would be later this year, which takes my mind off. Not sure what I feel about being on the waiting list, since who would pass the chance to MIT, eh? Anyway, we can maybe add each others on facebook after the big decision, it's so good to communicate with peers in the same field. Good luck!