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  1. Thanks. Congrats on your offer too! Keep the hopes up, you never know! Do tell me if you got accepted, I'll be so happy for you.
  2. Yeah all of the Canadian universities still haven't given me any response, I gave up and settled in my safe school. I've seen people get accepted in May and even in June, but who knows whether or not they got early unofficial offer from POI. My suggestion is keep sending emails or simply call the graduate offices, there's still hope, but if you got a plan B, it's time to start preparing. That's what I did.
  3. What time are you going to stay? Is there a price range? There're tons of subleasing in summer time, but they usually don't post online. You can call the managements of different apartments and ask them about summer sublease. I might have some friends' moving out this summer, if you can tell me the time and price maybe I can hook you up...
  4. I'm not sure about Queen's and MacMaster's, but I recently talked with several professors in U of Toronto and U of Alberta (casual talk on a conference), it seemed they haven't made the decision and they're not in a hurry. They don't have a April 15th deadlines so the decisions may be late, also the admission decisions. So... hope for the best! And prepare for the worst...
  5. I'm also waiting for all the programs, without any AD for no less...
  6. What program are you applying? Because APEC conference just ended, lots of professors went there and didn't have time for admissions. I met several of them, they said they're still evaluating. Finger crossed and hope for the best!
  7. Wow! Congrats! Sounds like good money!
  8. Congrats! What track are you in? I'm still anxiously waiting....
  9. Sorry to hear that, may I ask what track you're applying?
  10. Many of my friends also haven't heard from McGill, finger crossed...
  11. Congratulations for the ADs! How I envy you...What programs are you applying?
  12. Hello everyone! I applied PhD programs for 3 Canadian universities, U of Toronto, UBC and U of Alberta. None of them gave me any information up to now. For universities in US, if one doesn't heard from the universities by now, the chances of getting in would seem very slim. Is that the same case for Canadian universities?
  13. Totally, especially when I saw other people post admission in the results, all hopes are lost
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