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  1. Yeah, good thinking. I have already got into some place I like but I am waiting for Canada to respond. Let's see what happens. I just hope I get a result before I have spent money on flight tickets. And congrats!
  2. It's almost end of April. I am beginning to wonder if some of the Canadian places will respond at all. Do they also send out offers in May or are they just not responding because they have rejected me? I tried emailing one of them and they said they have said they have sent out round one of offers but I am sure that was quite some time ago. The other two haven't responded to my email.
  3. Canadian places are annoying as hell. I still haven't heard back from three Canadian places. If they don't want me, why not reject me and put me out of my misery? I submitted my application way back in January. May be some of my criticism is unwarranted but this is incredibly annoying.
  4. @alto_cumulus, not quite. I am an international student, so I have no idea about any of this. I'll start looking after 30th April once I hear from the Canadian universities I have applied to.
  5. I may be headed to Kansas this fall as well. I haven't received the official offer yet, only a notification from the admissions committee.
  6. I just got accepted to one place. Finally, I am relieved! I have 4 other schools in Canada to go.
  7. @2017, people holding on to offers when they have intention of accepting them is extremely annoying and if I may, extremely selfish. I know two people who have got 3 or 4 offers each but do not intend to notify graduate schools about their decision before 15th. One of them received an offer from their dream school in January!
  8. I'd prefer Canadian universities to the US place I have been waitlisted by since I have applied to an M.Sc. at each of these Canadian places and I can do my PhD at a much better place after an M.Sc. from a Canadian place. I am considering applying to German places too.
  9. Well, I have received only rejections since January and not one acceptance. I don't see how this situation will change. Also, Canadian places send out a few offers late, so it is a really crazy situation. Oh, and I am a little curious about this: if you get an offer for a PhD program from a US school this late, do they still demand that you make a decision by 15th April?
  10. Oh, thanks a ton. I am just freaking out but I am slightly relieved to know that I still have hope of getting an offer.
  11. Hi, I have applied to Queen's and McMaster's in Canada for M.Sc. mathematics (International student). So, clearly I didn't receive an offer in the first round. But any idea when they send a second round of offers? It is already April and it seems not getting accepted till now means a rejection. Do Canadian places stipulate that people who received offers in round I make a decision by April 15th like in the US? If so, do I stand a chance of receiving an offer after April 15th?
  12. Hi, Does anyone here have any idea if McMaster University has sent out a second round of offers for M.Sc. Mathematics (thesis)? If not, do you have any idea when they might? Also, do Canadian places like McMaster and Queen's require that people accept offers by April 15th? thanks.
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