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GRE score report for unlisted institutions



I had to use the form for unlisted institutions. I was just wondering if the institutions I listed will receive my score report in the same manner and time as if I had been able to find the institution codes while I was entering that information on the computer, or if it will take much longer. It seems when you ask for your reports to be sent to schools when you get the four reports for free, the institutions you list will receive the scores at the same time that they come available in your ETS account. 

Also, do you think I would have any success in contacting ETS to make sure the institutions get the scores at the same time as I do? I was wondering if anyone has ever had any luck with this. I've read that you can pay a small fee of somewhere between $10 and $13 to have this done. Is it possible to request a score report be sent to schools prior to you being able to see it in your account?

If all else fails, I was wondering if it really takes five business days for ETS to send your reports to schools. If everything is done electronically now, it seems absurd that it would take that long. I would think it would occur automatically after I submit the request and pay the fee. If any of you lovelies know for sure when your test scores were received by institutions after you requested them, I would love to know how long you waited. I've read anywhere between 24 hours and a few weeks.

Thank you all. :)

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I do not think it will take five business days for ETS to send the score. I request the score report on Dec 23rd, and by Dec 28th almost all the schools showed that they received my official score report. And you need to minus the holiday.

However, it may take the school several days to process the score reports, especially for those who manually update your material status. Sometimes it may take them another 5 to 7 business days or less to update your status.

I guess you can always write an email to ask the secretaries if they have seen your score report, though I doubt if it would be necessary. Most of the time they will just ask you to wait for another week. And I believe most schools will let you know that your score report is still missing, and will ask you to send them a screenshot first, and then grant you one or two weeks to send an official one. (Yes, Purdue, I mean most schools, not you!)

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