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Statistics PhD Application Evaluation

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Here are my stats:

Undergrad Institution: Western University (Canada)
Major: Financial Modelling (read: Statistics and Applied Math)
GPA: 3.97
Type of Student: White Male
Upper Division Courses:
Math: Calc III (A), Intro Linear Algebra (A), ODE (A+), PDE (A+), Numerical Analysis I (A+), Probability Theory (A+), Statistical Theory (A+), Monte Carlo Simulation (A)
Next Semester: Analysis I, Operations Research, Advanced Linear Algebra
CS: Algorithms (A+)
Others: All courses are A or higher except two first year courses: Film (A-) and Sociology (A-)
GRE: 167Q, 163V, 4.5W
Research Experience: Summer research project in Queuing theory

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's List, NSERC USRA

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Insurance Analyst intern, Telecommunications Data Analyst intern
Letters of Recommendation:
-Two statistics professors (research with both)
-Analysis professor (knows me quite well)
Plan to apply to (Phd Statistics Programs):
Stanford, Chicago, Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Penn, CMU, Northwestern, Toronto  
Am I dreaming with these top US schools? I'll get into almost any Canadian school I want I'm pretty sure.
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