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Harvard GSE EdLD Applications


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Has anyone else on this forum applied for the 2017 Fall Cohort for the Harvard GSE EdLD program? I've seen threads from applicants from the past few years, but nothing from this year.

From what I've gathered from previous posts, there will be 50 interviews for 25 spots and around 500 applicants. The acceptance rate seems to be around 5-6%, so it's highly competitive. Notice of interviews seem to be emailed in late January, but may be rolling, with interviews happening in mid- to late- February.

Does anyone have any other information to share? Thoughts? 

I'm with my chances, but this is my first time applying. My GRE scores are all well above average for their admitted students, my undergrad and graduate GPAs range from around a 3.3 - 3.6, and I have varied and extensive leadership opportunities and successes in education as a teacher. 

Still, the waiting game has me nervous. The last time I applied and went to grad school was 12 years ago. 

Good luck everyone.

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Hi @JankyGuitar! There's a bunch of us who are waiting to hear back from HGSE over on the education thread under social sciences. Join us! I'm a PhD applicant but I believe someone else posted about waiting to hear back about EdLd as well. You'll be in good company. :)

I haven't applied to graduate school in 12  years either! Nice to meet a fellow "mature student."

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